though most things in life are temporary, there can still be beauty found in moments not meant to last forever. don't neglect to plant seeds because those flowers will someday wilt. you must nurture that which you wish to see grow and flourish. green leaves will brown and people once very close may drift apart, but the moments in between are what make being human so wonderful. love and be loved. don't fear the end. fear all that you will miss if you remain too afraid to try.

@lunelle this is my firmest belief and you've put it so beautifully, what a nice reminder 💛

@lunelle holy fuck, it's like you've been living in my head for the past 3 months and just wrote out the most perfect paragraph explaining exactly what i needed to hear. thoughts about death and the end since losing my gpa have just been incessant, despite telling myself this same stuff every day. thanks for this. 💖

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