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my altar for & the rest of summer! ☀️🌻 i love how it turned out so much. i’m definitely going to start doing more floral arrangements to decorate with. they’re a lot of fun to make.

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my + nest ✨💖 it’s mostly a collection of random and bones plus crystals, herbs, and etsy items or flea market finds i thought made cute decor. i started this one year ago when i moved into my apartment and i love how far it’s come. :_penta:

just went to check out the moon (and attempt to not freeze) and it's a shady pinkish-orange right now, super pretty. luckily all the low-hanging clouds from earlier tonight have cleared up. definitely worth standing in the cold for a minute. i only wish i had a fancy telescope for a better view.

it’s snowing again! hopefully it actually sticks around this time. it’s supposed to stay in the 20s for a bit. midnight snowfall is so peaceful too. it’s too damn bright to properly enjoy in the sunlight.

Hi everyone! I’m a baby witch who’s just starting my journey! I’m a 20 y/o full time student and I work two jobs. I’m interested in tarot and herbcraft, as well as runes. I’m kinda eclectic and kitchen witchcraft focused tho. Cooking is one of my fav hobbies and I’m learning how to sew with a machine

hey folks! I'm a / / undefined multidisciplinary artist and I also dabble in , , and language-based rituals of my own design. I hope to share and learn about various practices here, and also talk about other stuff sometimes! unrelated/personal stuff and boosted shitposts will mostly be unlisted so that I don't embarrass myself on the public feed. I tend to be a lurker by default but don't be afraid to say hi. hi!

honestly nothing makes me feel as alive and happy and whole as being outside at night beneath a million stars and the moon, somewhere lost in the countryside. i just love the feeling of realizing how much is out there, and how insignificant all my stress is in comparison. billions of fucking years of space and time right before my eyes. like, i can’t possibly sit here and be worried about writing a paper that will inevitably be devoured by our dying sun long after i’m gone. space is so amazing.

Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape. #illustration #art #original

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you don’t know who you are, but i am excited af to get this secret satan present sent out to you. and i also want it for myself.

well i meant to post that as unlisted, but i’ll just leave it for posterity lmao

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every january now, turbotax spams me with emails about my walmart w2 coming in, and it always offends me bc i have to be reminded of the year i spent working at that hellscape. like, i haven’t worked there in 2 years. stop this.
my old vest is still shoved in the center console of my car tho lmao.

hi everyone. I'm new to witchcraft. What can I say about myself I work in tech. I'm interested in the intersection of tech and nature, skepticism and spirituality, a little bit the history of magic. I'm still trying to figure stuff out and learn things. <3

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Hi! I'm Pixie, I've been looking to join a Witchy community and finally made the leap, I'm brand new to Mastodon so still figuring things out. I am 30 and a Secular Witch practicing off and on for over 15 years. I am also a Tarot and Oracle reader. I love crafting, gardening, and reading. Excited to meet some new Witchy friends, so feel free to say hi! :_cauldron: :_moonstars:

hi everyone! i’m really new to this so i have no idea what’s going on, but I’m Seren! I’m a witch living on the west coast of the US and i’ve been practicing for roughly 3.5 years? i’ve been wanting some friends within the craft and i’ve finally decided to actually do something about that. feel free to shoot me a dm if you wanna talk!!

white castle has these stupid marketing things on their slider boxes and one says that saying the alphabet backwards is apparently a “bold move level 2” which is neat bc i taught myself how to do that in 5th grade one afternoon in my bedroom and i can still recite it letter for letter. ngl i’ve done it multiple times for ppl and they’re always impressed even tho it’s literally just 15 mins of memorizing a rhythm.

i looked outside at 3am, and it was so peaceful. i didn’t even know we were expecting snow. 💕❄️

@hillbillyoracle @petrosophia so apparently there’s a comic con in lex this march and trevor is maybe gonna run a booth for this guy in our grad program that sells nerd stuff, so if you guys wanna meet up and hang out one of those days, assuming this actually happens, i’d be down.

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