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idr if i ever posted all my tattoos 

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my altar for & the rest of summer! ☀️🌻 i love how it turned out so much. i’m definitely going to start doing more floral arrangements to decorate with. they’re a lot of fun to make.

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my + nest ✨💖 it’s mostly a collection of random and bones plus crystals, herbs, and etsy items or flea market finds i thought made cute decor. i started this one year ago when i moved into my apartment and i love how far it’s come. :_penta:

This time a traditional drawing of one of my favorite breeds, the white swiss shepherd. Done with ink, markers and masking tape.

#mastoart #art #artist #dog #whiteswissshepherd #animalart #markers #traditionalart #night

saw a summer hot air balloon for the first time in forever & i love scotland as always so here’s a poem 

we went to western michigan’s campus today for trevor’s meeting and fuck it’s beautiful. it’s completely surrounded by trees and the only building we went in, the psych/soc/crim building, is so much nicer than anything i’ve been in on a ky campus. also they had a super cool stained glass clock you can see out a giant window on the front of the building.

i wrote an acrostic poem for my rl name bc i’m 10 years old 

does anyone else write poetry for fun? i found this website called poetizer last night while i was searching for communities to post my stuff. seems like a neat place if any other wannabe bards want to check it out.

kalamazoo is neat 

oh yea i’ve been seeing a lot of these tiny critters running around up here in michigan that i never saw in ky. they’re like, idk chipmunks maybe? they’re about the size of a squirrel but more like the shape of a groundhog. haven’t seen any on a tree yet tho, just on the ground around a lot of trees.

weed meme 


today has been good. we finished bringing everything into the apartment yesterday and one of our super friendly neighbors drove the uhaul back for us bc trevor didn’t want to drive a 26’ with a car trailer through kalamazoo. both the couples who live in the rooms across from us are awesome and super helpful. they’re maybe 10 or so years older than us. the guy across from us is a middle school social studies teacher and his wife is a super adorable japanese/indonesian woman who made us lemonade—

it’s been a struggle, but we’re almost fully moved in. couch couldn’t fit in the weird entrance tho, so we have to get a smaller one and sell or just trash this one which sucks bc it’s a good couch. i’m keeping the cushions tho idc. our neighbors are super friendly and helpful too and already invited us to a july 4th get together. overall michigan is really nice. i’ll be glad to finally have a moment to enjoy it soon.

so many set backs and shit to deal with still, but we made it to our apartment in kalamazoo just before they closed up for the weekend and have unpacked some light items and created a makeshift bed from pillows. hoping to find ppl to pay to help move our crap in tomorrow bc we’re on the 3rd floor and my arms are noodles. also the place is pretty with lots of trees but my building is directly across the highway from a church with a massive cross on the front lmfao

When you’re evil, but you also gotta stop to smell the flowers.

I'm having a really good and interesting visit to southern Oregon with my dad, getting acquainted with his old friends and the places where he grew up.

My #florespondence photos didn't all work, so you get a #faunaspondence photo too!

moving to kalamazoo in roughly 6 hours! it’s going to be a long drive with a 26-foot uhaul barely hitting 60 tho. i’m just glad i’m driving behind it.

so it’s the only truck within 45 miles we can drive one-way, and renting from penske is twice the price. looks like he’s driving the semi to michigan.

we’re moving to michigan tomorrow night holy fuck. uhaul finally confirmed our reservation from 2 weeks ago, only they set it to a 26’ instead of 15’ truck with a car trailer so now trevor is having to deal with their support shit. like, how hard is it to not fuck up someone’s order of a truck weeks in advance? we’re paying $600 for this. the least they could do is give us what we ordered so he doesn’t have a panic attach driving the semi.

so how do i actually use this degree now that i have it? 

@idleDreams have you used the tingles app recently? i think they completely killed it.. i can’t watch any vids more than a few days old now. all of them are locked and require me to buy premium.. i’m so confused. i was just using it a few nights ago and it’s been fucked up for the past couple days. deleted and reinstalled but it did nothing. are they changing their model and making the app obsolete? i can’t afford $10 a month just for fucking crinkle sounds lmao

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