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my altar for & the rest of summer! β˜€οΈπŸŒ» i love how it turned out so much. i’m definitely going to start doing more floral arrangements to decorate with. they’re a lot of fun to make.

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my + nest βœ¨πŸ’– it’s mostly a collection of random and bones plus crystals, herbs, and etsy items or flea market finds i thought made cute decor. i started this one year ago when i moved into my apartment and i love how far it’s come. :_penta:

unintentional bisexual pride flag has been spotted :_biflag:

so, i guess an is in order. i've been more-or-less a witch for like 20 years. i'm not inclined to work with any deities. i try to focus my work (both magical and not) toward immediate goals, such as strengthening my community and making sure everyone is provided for.

hello !!!!!!!! my name is mikey and i am very new to witchcraft!!!!!! i look forward to meeting new people an making friends and learning a whole bunch a stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new server hosting, also thanks to everyone who’s donated recently πŸ’– Show more

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Hello all! I am Robin and I have been off and on witch since 2008. I just migrated here from Tumblr and hope to get to know y'all! I still consider myself a newbie witch so I have much to learn. I am a hard polytheist devotee to 11 Gods (Loki, The Morrigan, Persephone, Hekate, Hermes, Dionysos, Apollon, Bast, Sutekh, Anup, and Djehuti (patron is Bast *waves to mother Bast*)). Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of y'all!

Hi, guys! I'm Mai, 26 years old and new here, but I'm also pretty new to the idea of becoming a witch ... so please be gentle :_catmelt: I have recently felt like I lack energy, motivation and a path to follow - and I realised that this is exactly what I've always needed. So I'm really looking forward to getting to know a lot of you and also learning a lot! ~

I'm going to start pulling a card for the energy of the week!
This week I used the Radiant Cosmos Oracle by @lyrium

Blue Giant
Enthusiasm, passion, intensity

This is the week to follow your passions! Do what makes you feel good and let your joy spill over into other areas of your life!

sup, I'm Suzanna and this is my
post! I've been looking for a nice, witchy community for a while, and I'm glad i finally found one, especially bc it looks like tumblr is about to implode.
Anyway, i was raised wiccan, but as of now i don't follow any dieties. i focus on green and kitchen magic, plus i have a knack for divination and crystals.
Im interested in all kinds of magic, and i love learning

just remembered i was having a dream and these really young teenage boys were trying to hit me up at some indoor bleachers and get me to date one of them. i asked how old they were and they said 14 and i was like wtf, i’m 26? and they both just screamed and ran away lmfao

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Hello! I'm Sarah and I've been actively practicing for a little over a year now. I'm a Norse pagan and I mainly follow Thor and Loki. I don't really know how to work this cite yet, but I look forward to interacting with all of you and learning lots!

Hey y'all, I'm goose, I'm 24, nb and in my heart I'm Canadian or Scandinavian or something--i love pine forests and deer and snow and real seasons and the holidays making aesthetic sense but I do in fact live in Australia, so... :/ I've been a witch for 10 years which basically means I know that I know nothing. I love discussing witchcraft and learning from people so feel totally welcome to message me about anything! I also want to see pictures of your pets, like, always.

Little Aurora, my curly-haired rex, exploring my witchy sundries.

Hello fellow witches! I'm myself after fleeing Tunglr.hell
I'm a hellenic polytheistic witch, my practice mostly follows Hestia and Gaea, with Lunar worship thrown in as well. I do kitchen, green, and crystal magic for the most part, but I also practice divination and spirit work occasionally. I've been a practicing witch for nearly five years, and pagan for nearly four. I'm currently in basically every kind of closet there is. (Broom and normal) I use They/Them and She/Her. Vry bi

Hello! I'm Dwarf! I am a bigender (She/He) witch. I'm rather new to this whole mastodon thing, but I'm from tumblr originally. I practice witchcraft and am researching some more traditional practices, but usually create my own spells and the like. I also study chaos magic, practice divination, and highly curious about conjuration. I am also pagan and an animist! Once I move out of my current area, I plan on crafting wands and staves!

Haven't been on here for a bit but might as well hop on the bandwagon

I'm Breanna, i'm a fairly casual practicer of green and cottage witchcraft. I've been trying to learn Tarot for about 2 years now but haven't been able to commit enough to make much progress. Folk practices are my jam, mostly because simple charms and warding are all i can manage while going to school full time but occasionally i'll throw together something more elaborate. :_cactus:

Danny, 24 year old green witch who grew up and is living in Alaska. I'm Agender and use They/them pronouns. I casually worship the norse gods, primarily Freyr, Skadi, and Loki, although my spirituality is more in line with Animism. I love animals, winter time and the snow, and really anything nature. I'm experimenting in tarot and runes. I post a lot about my Alaskan Husky Pax and the dogs at the doggie daycare I work at. I'm pretty bad at being consistantly social.

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