i made this dice pouch last night for my mtg counters, and i love it. took a photo with flash bc the colors of this yarn are gorgeous. it’s a hue iq color from yarn bee and i want all of them now. knit it in some celtic knot stitch i found online that’s just patterns of knit and purl, my first time purling actually. it’s really sturdy and the faux cables formed from the stitch give it a flat base that’s super useful for standing on a table top.

@lyrium can I please have that pattern?!! It looks fantastic!

Also what do you think of a purple bamboo yarn instead of wool?

@Turtle oh it wasn’t a pattern, i just did the stitch 3 times on a 24 peg round loom. it’s 6 rows together: knit all, knit all, purl all, knit-purl all, purl all, knit all, knit all. i added in an extra knit for the spacing and to keep everything even.
and that sounds lovely! purple is my fav color, so i’m always down for it.

@Turtle that’s 7 lmao, 6 from the original source tho, without the additional knit stitch

@lyrium I didnt end up using Raverly, but instead have a binder with all my yarn stocked. I have about three skeins of it I won't use. I have another project going with the same type of yarn and it makes a nice lace scarf.

@Turtle ooh that looks great! i need more things on hand that can knit more delicate patterns like that. how much is it per skein?

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