we just put in the lease application for our apartment in michigan! it's slightly more expensive than living down here, but it's a way bigger city so that's expected. move in date is june 28th, and my thesis defense is may 30th. i'm excited but also terrified, of moving i mean. the thesis i just want to be over already.

@lyrium oooh you will be in my (very) general vicinity.

@MorningSong how near kalamazoo are you? we're like 20 mins from one of the great lakes and i'm so excited to go chill up there, esp in winter. i genuinely expect to just sob in the snow the first time it's over a foot lmao

@lyrium kalamazoo... i am a good 2.5 hours northeast sadly.

And even locals sob in the snow sometimes. You will be in good company.

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