@idleDreams have you used the tingles app recently? i think they completely killed it.. i can’t watch any vids more than a few days old now. all of them are locked and require me to buy premium.. i’m so confused. i was just using it a few nights ago and it’s been fucked up for the past couple days. deleted and reinstalled but it did nothing. are they changing their model and making the app obsolete? i can’t afford $10 a month just for fucking crinkle sounds lmao

They did kill it -_-
Only the 3 most recent videos will be viewed for free
I am not happy about it either
They say their tests have shown this will bring in more revenue blah blah bs

@idleDreams lmao all it got me to do was delete the app and now i’ll never be able to tip ppl again so gg tingles. not to mention $10 a month is insane, they think they’re netflix or something? like $3 a month and i might have considered it but i’ll just go back to asmr the way i’ve been doing it for the last decade and keep looking for ways around youtube’s bs “no background play unless you pay for premium”
it was fun while it lasted. rip

Yea.... I'm gonna email them and tell them that in unhappy with it and will be deleting it but I need them to transfer me what little money I've got. It hasn't been enough to be automatically deposited to my PayPal so I'm hoping they won't give me a hard time about giving me my money. But I've been tired of them for awhile anyways, I don't think they support LGBT+ people :/

@idleDreams doesn’t surprise me. i never see any queer stuff in the highlights advertised at the top. it’s always conventionally attractive girls with big doe eyes eating weird shit like hairbrushes and erasers.. not my kind of asmr at all lmao. hopefully they let you transfer their money since they brought this all upon themselves. if you find an alternative, let me know so i can follow you there!

Yea... I asked for a lgbtq+ category and they said that people might not want to identify themselves as that for whatever reason. I said that people don't have to if they don't want to and they said they'd think about putting out a poll. Haven't heard anything about it since.

But I will keep you apprised of any alternatives!

@idleDreams oh god wow yea sounds like i’m glad it shot itself in the foot then. i always enjoy watching homophobes destroy themselves. god forbid we offer one optional category for queer representation. i’ll just go back to my gay girls on youtube.

@idleDreams update, just wrote a saucy 1 star review on the app store that i hope they enjoy lmao.

I just went to the app store to read it and there are a lot of 1 star reviews lol

Wow, I'm reading the reviews and there's a lot of stuff I didn't even know was going on

@idleDreams oh like more shitty things on the devs side? i hadn’t ventured through the recent reviews but i might now haha

Yea, some people were charged money for something they didn't buy, some couldn't get a refund. And apparently they had deleted a bunch of asmrtists off the app, no warning or reasoning, which rightly pissed off a lot of people

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