unintentional bisexual pride flag has been spotted :_biflag:

new server hosting, also thanks to everyone who’s donated recently πŸ’– Show more

my friend just sent me these old snapchat face swaps from when we worked at kmart together in 2015 Show more

snek Show more

since it's our first weekly here's a link to my shop where i have a few things for sale. the crystal storage box i just finished is listed there too now!


oh yea, i took this dumb personality test last night, and i think my results are fairly accurate. i like to think i’d be higher on rationalism, but any amount of intense emotion tends to make me unable to function. half my birth chart is water signs, so i was doomed from birth lmao. i think spiritual nihilistic skeptic describes me well tho.

the crystal grimoire box is almost done! it’ll be up on my shop once it’s finished. i’ll make a post for our first weekly later today.✨

knit this bad boy with my left over leg warmer yarn. anyone have tips for closing off round knit pouches when you pull the yarn at the bottom? pulling chunky yarn is difficult af and i snapped the strand first time i tried and had to turn the bag into a wrist guard lmao. thinner yarn isn’t so bad tho since it doesn’t clump as much.

finished leg warmer number one! it’s so cute, but i used the whole yarn ball just for this one. guess i gotta hit up hobby lobby tomorrow now bc my other leg is not gonna freeze while one is warm.

just got this email from my professor right as i pulled into the parking lot for class.

more progress. currently making a fake wooden book that would be useful for grimoire storage/hiding.

if you haven't heard of this cool rock called yooperlite yet, check out my recent tumblr post. it's a form of glowing sodalite found in michigan, and i'm definitely going to collect some once i move up there.


cut the papers for my next project! i really can’t wait to use these.

the tiny box is mostly done now, aside from a few touch ups. i really like how it turned out. ✨🌸

wip of the new tiny box i’m working on using some of the papers i got yesterday. most likely going to sell it once it’s done bc it’s not my aesthetic at all. i’m obsessed with chalkboard coating things rn, so the inside of the top is gonna be covered and used as a spot for sigils (ideally) and then the box would function like a spell jar, just with certain crystals/items kept inside to correspond with the sigil and overall intent.

preview of my favs from one of the paper sets i bought tonight. this one is a crystals mixed with winter wonderland theme.

i knit this rock pouch a few nights ago and just finished it with a weird tie off bc i didn’t feel like figuring out a drawstring. i think it’s fairly cute for being a completely improvised mess.

i’m making a crystal storage box / reusable charging grid with some chalkboard paper, the glitter from god i bought 2 weeks ago, forest paper for the inner lining, and a nice flat wooden box. living in a town with 2 craft stores is not good for my bank account lmfao.

it’s time for another card of the year birthday draw to convey the theme for my next 365 days of life. last year, i drew temperance. this year, the seven of pentacles. exciting but also terrifying, considering i’m finishing school this year and have no idea wtf will happen after that. i’ve just winged it up to this point.

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