my thesis is officially done! just gotta finished the formatting/references now, and then i never have to think about this again.

straight ppl on fb 

magic the gathering 

super gorgeous bi girl i worked with at kmart years ago shared this on facebook last night and i'm dying of gay feelings now

i love stained glass so much and wish it were more common. it’s like staring into a giant kaleidoscope.

killian shed last night, and it was another full piece this time! he’s been ruining his sheds with substrate recently. this is it next to his first shed after we got him almost a year ago. he’s about 18 months now. i can’t believe how much he’s grown, and he still has a ways to go. he’s technically a female snake, so he’ll get a lot bigger than most males. i just.. wanted a boy named killian, but luckily snakes have no concept of human gender identity bc he was all petsmart had.

got my secret satan gift today! thanks so much @quietwitchcraft (idk if we got each other by chance or were paired, but i wasn’t expecting you haha). i’ve been needing a new charm to wear since the silver plating wore off my snake and i really love this!!

i looked outside at 3am, and it was so peaceful. i didn’t even know we were expecting snow. 💕❄️

useless fact 

picked up these sleeves tonight for my new deck, and i love them so much. i haven’t seen these before, but this is the 4th set released. they’re all real classical paintings with dragons added in. it was so tempting to buy all 4 arts the store had in stock.

i made this dice pouch last night for my mtg counters, and i love it. took a photo with flash bc the colors of this yarn are gorgeous. it’s a hue iq color from yarn bee and i want all of them now. knit it in some celtic knot stitch i found online that’s just patterns of knit and purl, my first time purling actually. it’s really sturdy and the faux cables formed from the stitch give it a flat base that’s super useful for standing on a table top.

ty patreon donors 💕 


more zen knitting tonight turned into this pouch with a loop thing. not at all what i was attempting (i wanted to make a heart lmao) but i’m satisfied with how it came out. and i learned something new about how short rows work.

i was experimenting with making turns on my loom last night, and this pouch i was knitting turned into a snake abomination lmao. he’s not fully stuffed at the end yet bc it was like 4am, but i’ll finish him up tonight.

currently transferring the random collection of photos on my phone from 2018. here’s a picture i took in april of a sleeping chinchilla. i hope his life is chill wherever he is now.

so i have these old barely worn 2g plugs 

asked my theme to keep in mind for the coming year as my daily draw, same as i do on my birthday. this goes well with the seven of pentacles i drew that day as well. hope it’s as good a year as the cards think it will be.

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