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I had an idea that I discussed with @lyrium. We are going to designated Fridays as the day you can post about your shop or anything you are looking to sell (or buy). I know many of us have small shops and I would like to dedicate a day as an opportunity to display your wares lol. We will be using the hashtag (If you dont like this hashtag, we can work on something else that makes sense to you all!)

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Oh bother, I thought about an post when I signed up and was instantly overwhelmed. Erm.. argh.. I'm Sidhe-Unseelie on Tumblr, follow a sort of self annoying path, have shaken hands with some and folk (and would like to actually study and practice with 'em). Hi then and hello again!

okay so i was screwing with the admin panel and apparently uploading a mascot image changes the elephant that shows on the homepage on desktop. huh.. yea i was just testing things & idk how to revert it back now.. says it'll revert back to default if i don't upload anything, but that's not working lmao. that being said, if anyone wants to design a cute witchy mascot, the size is 293x205 recommended.

Hello everyone! I guess I better do a because I see people doing them...
I'm boundlessbruja from tumblr! I'm a Chicana (chingona tbh) bruja. I worship the Norse and la Virgen as well. I'm mostly here to make friends though, but I'll occasionally post spells I think...we'll see! πŸ˜„

all right, public registration is now closed as we're at 1,941 on the about page and 1,992 on the admin panel (i'm thinking maybe this is showing suspended accounts although last i checked they used to show in the main user total as well, idk). if anyone has a friend wanting to join, dm me @Animalmagic or @lunelle and we can gen you an inv link. & welcome to everyone that's showed up here the past couple days!

Hi all!

I know most of you may be leaving tumblr, but I’m going to be helping run the tumblr and am looking for people who post original informational content so I can share it on there. So if you do or know someone who does let me know!

Did I just realized that I didn't do a intro? Oh worm...
So, olΓ‘! I'm Delphine Theros, Delphi for short, 19 y.old. Ya local jew healer raised with Brazilian folk magic.

I've been doing (what I now learned to be magic) since I can remember, it's something I'm very happy to say I'm learning from every day.

I'm a Devotee of Morrigan, as well as Hades, Nox and Thoth. I consider them my spiritual parents.
I'm always open to talk about things so feel free to share your experiences with me.

I'm Wren, I've been practicing for a year. I'm trying to find someplace outside of Tumblr.
I love tea, cats, plants, languages, books, and writing. Possibly will be a Green Witch, I don't know, I'm still exploring. Merry meet!

I'm making this in case my witch tumblr gets got. I'm an eclectic witch with darker practices. Just call me Lamb for short <3

Hello all! I'm Brittney! 18, aro/ace, with she/her or they/them pronouns.
I've been a witch for about two years now, mostly focusing on divination, sigils, and candle/fire magic. I'm looking forward to being part of this community!

Hello! I'm coming over from tumblr, my friend recommended this as a more focused community. Feel free to message me about anything! I love new friends/penpals and I'm eager to learn about everyone's crafts

Hey! I'm a high schooler relatively new to witchcraft and wicca, but I'm trying to inhale information and experience as best I can. Come say hi, this ghost is always interested in making new friends! ((my tumblr account has the same username if you wanna drop by))

Greetings! I go by Raven Rose (or tweek since thats my unfortunate nickname). My tumblr is DragonOfStories as well. I'm 23y/o, a witch of 13 years, and a trained priestess. I'm a witch who works with dragons and worships the egyptian gods (with a dedicated shrine to Nyx, the greek primordial goddess of night). I also do readings and various other forms of divination as well. Pleasure to meet you all <3

hihi! i'm zane, 23, he/him or they/them. i really love cartoons and accents/dialects. say hi, i don't bite πŸ˜‹

Proper introduction...
Hello everyone! I'm Cynthia, Feel free to give me any Nickname you see fit! I've been a witch for about 2 years now. I mainly do a lot of spirit working, my mother and I Share the trait of being a Medium. Cartomancy (Tarot mainly) and Palmestry is my jam. I'm hoping to make some new friends and reconnect with old ones from tumblr, my english is quite limited as I am not a native Speaker (German and Portuguese is) but I belive we will get along Well! πŸŒ’πŸŒ•πŸŒ˜

Here's some of my spiky bois patiently waiting for my herbs to pop up and hang with the gang too 🌡🌱🌿

Hello, I'm Noel! I'm ace/aro, and use they/them pronouns. I'm a fairly new witch, but always ready to learn. I'm mostly focusing on astrology and tarot at the moment but I'm open to learning anything! I look forward to meetig people

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