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Reading and writing

Feel free to say hi ! ๐Ÿฏ ๐ŸŒ’ ๐ŸŒ‘ ๐ŸŒ˜

you hear what you wanna hear 

more zen knitting tonight turned into this pouch with a loop thing. not at all what i was attempting (i wanted to make a heart lmao) but iโ€™m satisfied with how it came out. and i learned something new about how short rows work.

it's one thing to be persistent if you feel there's a chance for something you'd like to happen to work out, but the second someone says "no," whether you like it or not, you back off. there's no searching for alternate interpretations or hanging on to that last thread of hope you might have, no will always and forever mean no. at that point your greed is out-weighing your respect for that person. reevaluate what that person means to you and what you're willing to lose.

got some $3 round knitting needles today and it is not as intuitive as i thought it would be. also did not realize i needed double pointed needles to knit tiny round things. man do i prefer looms.

was looking for another witchy instance to join! i'm still kind of new to all this stuff but i feel like im slowly finding my niche

i'm b, i'm 22, a nonbinary lesbian, and i love nature, crystals, astrology, and animals :_rainbow:

i was experimenting with making turns on my loom last night, and this pouch i was knitting turned into a snake abomination lmao. heโ€™s not fully stuffed at the end yet bc it was like 4am, but iโ€™ll finish him up tonight.

reasons to live in ky 

currently transferring the random collection of photos on my phone from 2018. hereโ€™s a picture i took in april of a sleeping chinchilla. i hope his life is chill wherever he is now.

so i have these old barely worn 2g plugs 

harry potter 

iโ€™m making it my goal for 2019 to try knitting something every day, even just a few rows of a project. itโ€™ll be nice to feel like iโ€™m accomplishing something small each day and will hopefully help stave off the guilt anxiety that comes with doing absolutely nothing lmao

tfw sausage fingers make you accidentally click an ad and youโ€™re immediately salty bc you know the company just made like 10 cents off your blunder.

asked my theme to keep in mind for the coming year as my daily draw, same as i do on my birthday. this goes well with the seven of pentacles i drew that day as well. hope itโ€™s as good a year as the cards think it will be.


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