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ew. i’m up before 1pm bc i have to go to campus today.
but when i get home, i’m going to binge the sims some more lmao

Dog park was an ice field today but the little monster still found friends and had a blast!

This is my favorite weather.

6 hours later, and i have 2 beautiful vampire ladies and 1 botanical guest bathroom created on the sims 4. i wish i had this bathroom myself tho. sim jealousy is very real lmfao.

does anyone make simple gemstone jewelry with sterling silver or surgical steel metal frames? i’m really wanting to buy a moonstone cabochon, set in something elegant but durable that i can wear 24/7 without damaging it in the bath or when i roll around in my sleep. everything i see on etsy is either plated or too fragile tho. i’m looking to spend as close to $50 as possible for personal reasons that won’t fit here.

got my secret satan gift today! thanks so much @quietwitchcraft (idk if we got each other by chance or were paired, but i wasn’t expecting you haha). i’ve been needing a new charm to wear since the silver plating wore off my snake and i really love this!!

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just went to check out the moon (and attempt to not freeze) and it's a shady pinkish-orange right now, super pretty. luckily all the low-hanging clouds from earlier tonight have cleared up. definitely worth standing in the cold for a minute. i only wish i had a fancy telescope for a better view.

it’s snowing again! hopefully it actually sticks around this time. it’s supposed to stay in the 20s for a bit. midnight snowfall is so peaceful too. it’s too damn bright to properly enjoy in the sunlight.

honestly nothing makes me feel as alive and happy and whole as being outside at night beneath a million stars and the moon, somewhere lost in the countryside. i just love the feeling of realizing how much is out there, and how insignificant all my stress is in comparison. billions of fucking years of space and time right before my eyes. like, i can’t possibly sit here and be worried about writing a paper that will inevitably be devoured by our dying sun long after i’m gone. space is so amazing.

Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape. #illustration #art #original

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you don’t know who you are, but i am excited af to get this secret satan present sent out to you. and i also want it for myself.

well i meant to post that as unlisted, but i’ll just leave it for posterity lmao

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every january now, turbotax spams me with emails about my walmart w2 coming in, and it always offends me bc i have to be reminded of the year i spent working at that hellscape. like, i haven’t worked there in 2 years. stop this.
my old vest is still shoved in the center console of my car tho lmao.

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