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why tf are ppl so obsessed with online activity? go off the grid for 2 weeks. come back and tell us how you lived with a herd of wild deer in a nearby forest. thereโ€™s absolutely no reason to feel pressured to be constantly online โ€œmarketingโ€ yourself. the internet will be here when you get back, but life keeps going whether you experience it or not.

late period venting 

red lobster 

i hate this serial killer asshole i'm reading on today, but fuck i really want to move to alaska and learn to fly one of those little personal bush planes that can float on water as well. i'd fly around the mountains and out into the wilderness constantly. why did this fucker get such a rad life and have to ruin it being a murderous, woman-hating dick? people suck.

once i was leaving petsmart, and i saw an old man walking a wiener dog in a grass patch and started quietly sobbing. like, once men get old and wrinkled, they just remind me of my grandpa and i absolutely die. old man with a cute dog is my ultimate weakness.

seriously, we canโ€™t be friends if youโ€™d ever lock your dog in a hot car. i will break into that shit, screaming and blubbering through tears. i will steal your dog and raise it myself. all my missing emotions for babies are channeled into dogs. do not test me.

also sorry iโ€™m kinda mia rn. been going hard on my thesis every day and then screwing around in a new minecraft world with trevor lmao. iโ€™m living in the side of a massive modded snow mountain overlooking a frozen pine forest and thereโ€™s a wild llama army surrounding me. i also added a ton of gemstone mods, and now iโ€™m hoarding all the colorful rocks like a dragon. the rose quartz is even heart-shaped!

my favorite thing is when an old person tells me iโ€™ll โ€œgrow outโ€ of marx and communism and my desire to not be a capitalist pig, as if there arenโ€™t countless people in their 40s and 50s here on masto who also arenโ€™t disillusioned tools.

i was talking with @idleDreams a few days ago, and with the server anniversary coming up (in may), we thought itโ€™d be fun to have some small giveaways offered by members here for one another to enter. they mentioned wanting to raffle some more tarot bags theyโ€™ve made, and anyone else would be welcome to make and add their own items to a raffle. we could have different winners for as many items as are offered, and holding it in may gives ppl a few months to prepare. thoughts?

went to see my mom and aunt and my brothers & the middle oneโ€™s spawns today. his 2yo is oblivious to me still, but the 4yo immediately hid under the bed in the living room with the chihuahua and then didnโ€™t want to come back in the room after he went upstairs with my brother bc he thought i was the witch he believes lives in the house next door. my aesthetic must be operating at supreme levels.

Its foggy out and I love it. When you hear the wind move through the trees you can hear them crackle from the ice on their branches.

i have to go back across the state to glasgow for trevorโ€™s gmaโ€™s birthday today, but thatโ€™s also means i donโ€™t have to work on my thesis. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
oh and i created this vampire poet musician lesbian bard lady oc last night. sheโ€™s immortal and hot and basically like an irl homer that sings about all the dumb shit humans have done over the millennia and plays some lute-like string thing and a penny whistle. you know, like the flute from the intro to my heart will go on? also iโ€™m obsessed with her lmao

We had a nice walk in the snowy sunny park this morning. It was all trees and sunlight and shadows and contrast.

#photography #parkMornings

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