yesterday my husband walked in, looked at me adoringly, and said:

"you're so good at cutting out circles"

OK, it turns out Wen has a video explaining how to do a "past/present/future" reading with the three 0 cards; the one in the middle is my Significator

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my gf's copy of benebell wen's spirit keeper's tarot (vitruvian edition) finally arrived, and it's really great. it's clearly geared towards fellow practitioners and, true to wen, imbued with so much knowledge, talent, and straight up mojo. benebell wen is such a gift

My Spirit Keeper's Tarot is here!! Which 0 card best represents my journey, hmmm

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So I prolly won't be able to get a full picture till after my folks have gone to bed but here's a quick sample of the difference in art style.

That's the Emperor on the left, painted by Shakov, and the King of Coins on the right, painted by someone imitating but clearly not actually Shakov, haha. Still pretty though.

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hmm... i seem to be existing in a corporeal form, and i gotta say i am not a fan of that at all

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hello my sweeties!! just popping on here to wish everyone a merry belated yule and blessings & light during this dark season. take good care of yourselves!!

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when the editor of the book you just started reading is throwing shade at Silver Ravenwolf on the very first page 👀

High John the Conqueror? Using an egg to detect a curse? Salt baths and reversal candles? Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is full of hot tips for teens!

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Hello lovely people. It's in french but i've started a thread on birdsite with my favorite tarot decks. Enjoy ✨

Update: I did, in fact, accept the job (which I consider a gift from the Libra moon)!

This dear creature is a deck of oracle cards called the Golden Moth. She says we're on the right track.

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