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Thank you, daylight-saving-time 🙏 I like my days warm, sunny and long ✨

Now that I have time and it's so lovely outside, I really want to push myself to do more things. I've wanted to go somewhere and collect herbs/plants/blossoms for ages. Especially now since bf got me a jewellery making set for my BD. I'd die to make some blossom/crystal charms. Tho ... I don't know why, but I have a huge problem with going out there alone. But I feel like, and I'm sure of it, that I need to do that in order to connect with myself and to move forward. So tomorrow I'll try!

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7pm - and it's still not fully dark yet! Summer, here I come! I'm so looking forward to the long days when it won't get dark until 10pm ♥️

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😍 = Me when I see a cute dress
😥 = Also me when I realise that I'm still too skinny with no boobs.

Sorry, I feel whiny 😪

What do you even wear when it's 18°c in February?

How the hell can it be 18°c next week? It's February 😂 But welp, I'm not complaining 🤷

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We don't have "hungovers" ... we have "male cats" ... I think we really like cats. That, and beer. And sausages.

In Germany, we don't say "muscle soreness", we say "I have a muscle male cat" - and I think that's beautiful.

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