My partner who has been gone all winter got back and broke up with me. Via Facebook messenger.

injury? disease? rabies? I feel like I should tag but HOW Show more

Ooooh my god I haven’t been on here for a month wtf

Tonight’s pasttime: making myself cry by listening to The Parting Glass 😭😂

Everyone on here who has posted a selfie is super cute the end

I’ve been at my in-laws ALL DAY and they’re reasonably cool people and my nephews are alright (I’m...not a kid person. They’re pretty great kids but they’re still kids) but I’m in a few different closets with family and I’m not the daughter-in-law they ever expected and I’m in the middle of a depressive episode and just 🙄

Solstice and a full moon...but I am out of energy so I’ll be spending the Longest Night asleep y’all

@hillbillyoracle @petrosophia as someone who has done both calligraphy and embroidery: those are beautiful, gorgeous, meticulously created gifts!

@phantonym here’s a couple cards. They make the Fool’s Journey conceptualization of the major arcana seem really comfortable. Also it took like five tries to take the photo bc my actual cats were being cats.

Went to my very third public ritual Sunday night. A coworker managed to clock me as pagan and invited me to their UU’s Yule celebration. Her husband was the Sun King and boy he’s kind of an insufferable know-it-all but he was obviously in his element and it was kind of...almost endearing but still annoying?

Anyway there’s another UU that’s way farther away but I liked the vibe of the pagan group there better so here’s hoping they’re not offended when I go there instead 🤷‍♀️

I have to give it to him though, my ex-Catholic atheist partner does buy me gifts from the local witchcraft shop for gifting occasions. I feel very Seen.

So I’m poly and I just said goodbye to one of my partners until March while he goes Sagittarius-ing off to the other side of the planet and I’m SAD guys

Also he’s an ex-Catholic atheist who’s a little uncomfortable with magic so he didn’t let me send a protection charm with him ☹️

The candlesticks might not go on the altar. I collect fun candlesticks anyway

Just got some new altar stuff from an antique store and some new oil from the local witch store and I’m feeling pretty good about my life

(I do also have a kind of casual devotion to Bast, though, because cats)

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