Just got some new altar stuff from an antique store and some new oil from the local witch store and I’m feeling pretty good about my life

Dollar tree haul Show more

(I do also have a kind of casual devotion to Bast, though, because cats)

Any Kemetics in here? The first pagan I ever really got to know (in a googlegroup for a bunch of bloggers) was a Kemetic reconstructionist, so though I’m not one I do have a soft spot for you guys

this is not my shop, but a friend-of-a-friend does very pretty electoformed jewelry etsy.me/2EZCZuQ

And since apparently introductions are a real Thing here: I’m Vessel, 30+, she/her, newish to witchcraft, definitely new to this platform, mostly focused on ancestor veneration. I really like cats, crystals and pictures of other witches’ altars.

I admit I’m not sure I Get some things about mastodon but this feed is so fun to scroll!

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