My Beltane and Walpugisnacht was pretty wild and fun! How was all of yours?

@nightshadeandroses the lake tried to seduce my circlesister. Women’s colleges are apparently spiritual hotspots.

@Growing_yet_into_magic oh wow! that must have been a pretty intense experience! and I can definitely agree with that; I also go to a women's college and we have tons of paranormal and supernatural activity

@nightshadeandroses To be fair, at this college, they still have mini rituals for winter and summer break, “””coincidently””” coinciding with Yule and Beltane celebrations. I should have expected it at this point

@nightshadeandroses my cat fell asleep on top of me multiple times so i'd call that an extremely good day lol

@whistlinginside aww that sounds so wonderful!!! that's probably the best Beltane blessing that there is 🐈

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