I went on vacation to Salem to celebrate my 22nd birthday and my college graduation and was absolutely spoiled! This is what I got on the first day of the trip! The witchy stickers are already on my laptop!

I went to a psychic healing fair as an intuitive artist and painted aura portraits for people! It was super fun, and I'm still buzzing from the positive energy from the event!

Image description: A picture of a table taken from above displaying a palette of watercolor paints, an assortment of watercolor brushes in a clear plastic cup, a pad of watercolor paper, a wand, crystals, business cards, and a deck of tarot cards. The table has a tablecloth depicting The Sun tarot card

doing some light reading to unwind 🔮

image: a book titled "witchtopia" surrounded by crystals and my wand

Tonight is the super blood wolf moon eclipse! This astrological event is perfect for manifestation, transmutation (converting negative energy into positive energy), confidence, developing psychic ability, letting go, and practicing divination! 🔮What are your plans for tonight's eclipse?

Bonding with my tools 💖 my beautiful grimoire and wand 😍

omg the wand I ordered came earlier than expected! horrible pic but I was too excited to take a better one! it's oak with copper wire and a pearl at the tip 💖

The new grimoire that my mom got me for the holidays is so beautiful I wanna cry 😭

Happy New Year! I ended 2018 on a high note! My discord server, the Nightshade Network raised $672 for charity during the month of December! I'm honestly so excited about this since this was our very first fundraiser!

30-Day Grimoire Challenge! Struggling to pick up your grimoire and need a bit of inspiration? I wrote a fun challenge to hopefully help with that! nightshadeandroses.wordpress.c

it's here! the Persephone print that I ordered from GodliathStudio from etsy came in! and I got a surprise bonus print of Persephone and Hades for free! so I got 2 prints for $9, including shipping. the solo Persephone one is modeled after The World tarot card, and the Hades and Persephone one is modeled after The Lovers! they're so beautiful that I nearly cried when I first saw them. I highly recommend ordering from this shop! they have prints of other Theoi as well!

my business cards came in last week and they're so beautiful!!! I'm so blessed that I get to make my witchy lifestyle into a career!🔮


jumping on the bandwagon and posting my snapchat! mutuals only please!

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