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One of my favorite things about witchcraft is smoke cleansing my room, walking out, forgetting I cleansed anything, and walking back in to discover the room still smelling wonderfully of incense.

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**The Temple of the Sacred Rose**

We are a Coven for serious practitioners of Witchcraft and Paganism who wish to deepen their Craft and Spirituality in a safe, supportive, and drama-free environment. We are firmly against all forms of discrimination and bigotry.

The discord server linked will take you to the Gateway server where you may apply for full membership and access to the real server!

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Does anyone have any spell suggestions for overcoming betrayal? I'm going through a lot right now

Deciding to take a break from tumblr is the best decision I've made in a while. there are some good people on there, but there are also some very, very, very nasty ones

wow I havent been on here in forever! what kind of magic is everyone up to?🔮

Book Review of The Witch's Book of Mysteries by Devin Hunter

This book is a must-read for the advanced witch!

I wrote a new blog post on ideas for a Daily Witch Routine! What do you like to do daily for your Craft?

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I'm currently reading a free advance copy of a witchcraft book that I received in exchange for my honest review and it's *so good* so far. I'm honestly pumped to review it now 💖🔮

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hey everyone meet Ethan! I'm seeing pokemon talk so I thought I'd share my sleepy son. he is a long boi (or maybe I make him look long bc I'm tiny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
one favorite = one head pat/smooch
one retoot = +1 good night of sleep

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If anyone wants to follow my new blog(since tumblr deleted my last one) it’s until I can get my original blog back or at least my blog name 🧡

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Weak: Gender everything in your craft.

Freak: everything is multifaceted, just like us. Placing them in a black and white box just limits their power and forces us to place ourselves in boxes too. The universe is literally too powerful to be confined to the human constructs of gender

In this post, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions that people have when they want to start practicing witchcraft!


doing some light reading to unwind 🔮

image: a book titled "witchtopia" surrounded by crystals and my wand

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Tonight is the super blood wolf moon eclipse! This astrological event is perfect for manifestation, transmutation (converting negative energy into positive energy), confidence, developing psychic ability, letting go, and practicing divination! 🔮What are your plans for tonight's eclipse?

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