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Oh yeah!! #florespondence

There’s also some tree blossoms around but I wasn’t able to take a picture at the time

Blessed Ostara everyone.
It’s time to Spring Clean aka throw away 3/4 of my things away. I hope everyone has a good day. 🌸

I'm doing soooooo much cleaning and reorganizing. This is the new and improved altar to lilith

This women was a dutch resistance fighter.
She killed Nazis.


"They would shoot soldiers while riding their bicycles. Most famously, they would lure soldiers to the woods under pretense of a romantic overture and then kill them. Oversteegen would approach the soldiers in taverns and bars and ask them to "go for a stroll" in the forest."

She had a long life.

We think of plants as stationary beings, but they're not. They just live on different timescales to animals like us.

All plants move, their leaves jostling amongst each other, trying to catch the optimal amount of light. But mostly, we don't notice.

Sometimes, I catch my plants moving when their leaves brush past each other. Usually after I adjust their lights, the fussy little things.

Sorry for spam but this looks waaaaaay nicer and I'm happy

some goth chick on youtube was mad that ppl are "appropriating witch religion" (witchcraft isnt a religion btw unless you practice wicca) and wearing witch tshirts and shit, i literally dont give a fuck. If i see a girl wearing witch themed shirts and she doesnt practice, its badass as fuck because its like a fuck you to culture that says women have to be a particular way since witch is often associated with evil, cruel, ugly etc

The best use of white privilege is to piss off other white people.

So I cracked and got a Twitter mostly so I can tweet Rachel Alexander and try and get her to cast me in the tv show based off her books.

So a sprinkler in my apartment malfunctioned and flooded the downstairs portion (the garage entrance) of my place. At least I don't have to pay for any of it because I rent.
The bad thing is the dehumidifiers are making this place too damn hot.

Okay so my favorite indpendent author is having her books being turned into a tv show. I need to be a part of it

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