people - if you had to make a comparison between a Greek myth/ someone from Greek mythology and punk rock, what/who would it be? I'm not familiar enough with mythology to come up with something please help. 🙂

I just came out to one of my friends and I'm shaking happy Beltane everyone

I remember seeing a comic (?) on Tumblr a long time ago about talking to people in wheelchairs and not crouching down to them or something? but I cannot remember what it said and I tried to Google but I didn't find it. anyway I work with elderly people now and most of them use wheelchairs. I have to bend down to be able to hear them a lot but I don't want to be disrespectful? does anyone remember the Tumblr post I'm talking abt??

the Earth has given me a gift! I found these shells in the middle of Nebraska today. does anyone know anything about them? I've never found shells in Nebraska before and I'm in awe.

always wanted some kind of octopus tattoo but I'm not prepared for the unintended porn associations :/

do I even want to finish Misfits without Nathan? 😭



@witchofhounds honestly. I don't mind people asking if I have/plan to have kids, but once I've answered, no need to act like you know what I want better than I do.

@twitchywitch uh yeah. I'm married but neither of us want kids. it's none of anyone else's business leave me aloneeeee

I do love responding with "I'm getting a hamster!" when people ask when I'm having kids tho

I work with a lot of mom's and I've been getting badgered all day to have children 🙄🙄

@Growing_yet_into_magic thanks! obsidian might be a little too intense for everyday wear for me. some kind of quartz might work though.

I'm googling, but wanted to ask for rec too. anyone know of crystals that will make good rings that will hold up to frequent hand washing? I need a smooth band and was thinking about buying one that was made of a pretty stone so I can still use this properties

@Growing_yet_into_magic I can't complain too much since I'm not paying for the account but still. I was used to Netflix lmao

okay I didn't realize Hulu had ads. seems weird for a paid service?

and another thing 

and another thing 

and another thing 

just me talking idk; some anxiety talk 

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