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why am I having so many feelings lately fml

do I be responsible with my tax return or do I finish my tattoo

I have a lot of thoughts about Christianity and structured religion and witchcraft but not the brain power to put them into words

I now wish I would have actually read them 🙄 I've had the first issue for a million years but I think I was a little too young when it came out, so I didn't really get into it and then I just kind of forgot abt it

I started the Umbrella Academy last night on Netflix and I love it???? only one episode in but still

I might've already posted about this but is anyone else taking the witchcraft 101 course online from Mumbles&things? I'm slowly but surely working thru it (it's free btw)


my mom wants me to come on her girls trip to Florida with her but like I vehemently hate flying and I'm also not sure about spending a 4 day weekend with some of the other ppl going on the trip idk what I should do

another mental illness mention 

I think I wanna plant some lettuce and maybe some rosemary or lemongrass. idk anything abt though so ??? idk. I live in USA zone 5b and I have north and south facing covered patios, so rlly only indirect sunlight is available. can anyone offer some guidance?

mental illness mention 

oh, also, when we were leaving the house to go up and do Cheddar's paperwork and pay the adoption fee, I happened to glance at the clock and it was 3:33. it felt important even tho I know that clock is a couple minutes off

hello I forgot to post the update here but we did in fact adopt the foster cat, on Valentine's day! here are my two boys, Chowder and Cheddar. 🧡

not sure if we will adopt foster cat yet. the two cats are doing ok but Chowder wants to mount the foster cat to assert dominance. foster cat keeps pulling Chowders fur out during play fighting and theyve had a couple scuffles. we just keep flip flopping on whether or not we should adopt him :/

let the cats meet today. it went well until it didn't. Cheddar was not concerned at all and his wanted to run and play. chowder was very confused about this weird cat in his house. they chased each other around a bit and swiped here and there but no hissing or growling. then Chowder hissed one time and never recovered. after that he was pissed and wanted a fight. we put Cheddar back in the bathroom for now. I hope they will adjust to each other.... :/

thinking about making some new moon water tonight to use for cleaning my house one Wednesday. gotta deep clean before we let the foster kitty roam. anyone have any good witchy cleaning ideas?

old friends showing up again, not sure how to feel about it. 

an update: the cats now meow at each other from opposite sides of the bathroom door. the foster cat gets snuggly when he hears our cat chirping at him. I hope this is a good sign.

can't wait for next week when we let foster kitty out of his bathroom prison.... so i can finally take a bubble bath... (also so he can be a free boix at last)

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