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me starting a new social media account: oh this'll be fun!
me remembering how awful/awkward i am at text-based conversation: Oh No™️

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Y'all, everybody gets called out sometimes. @Jewbacchus called me out for posting something I didn't know was anti-semitic and another friend checked me when I was using ableist language. Trying to avoid fucking up is trying to avoid learning and growing. Be grateful folks think you're worth investing the time in to not make an ass of yourself. There's nothing wrong with apologizing, & fighting that L doesn't help anybody. We all gotta take it sometimes. Not everything's an attack.

Also I’ve been getting way more into doll repainting lately and I made an insta for it lol if any y’all are interested it’s @ featherfaecustoms here’s some examples of my work cause I’m so proud of my girls hehe

The purpose of putting pronouns in your bio is that most trans people must do this to avoid misgendering, and if only trans people have their pronouns on display it makes it really easy to single us out whether we want to be open about it or not, which leads to harassment.

If you're cis, put your pronouns in your bio. It helps trans people stay safe online.

Not "cis man/woman" or "male/female" or "mr/ms/mrs". The pronouns. Type out the pronouns. Whatever else you add is fine, but please just take 3 seconds, type the pronouns, hit save.

If you don't, trans people have no way of knowing whether you're a safe cis person or not, and I will generally assume you are not since you haven't put forth the minimal possible effort to help protect us.

Hey witches what’s up! I’m heading out to a vegan night market and bought myself a deck of mini tarot cards I’m living a witchy life after being exhausted for ages lol! Anyway love you guys ❤️

retoot if you want to leave society behind and live in the forest like a nature faerie

Also hey guys what’s up I’m really hoping to start hanging out here more often once I’m done drowning in life lmao

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We got the house!!! My coven friends all moving in together!!!!!!!

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I got this book for my birthday and I’m really excited to crack into it! I’m moving apartments in a few months to one I’ll be staying in more permanently so I’m looking forward to more plants

My uncle: my great grandma was a witch, she read tarot and did black magic
Me: lmao same

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