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me starting a new social media account: oh this'll be fun!
me remembering how awful/awkward i am at text-based conversation: Oh No™️

Me and my gf adopted a kitten!! His name is Finn and he’s so unbelievably precious and sweet! He trusted us right away and loves to groom us hehe

I think there’s a ghost in a nearby elevator. I was making jokes cause the door just keeps slowly opening and closing but then I went in it to see what was going on and it felt super weird in there so idk if I just talked myself into thinking there’s a ghost there or if somethings really going on lmaoooooo

I keep seeing deer around and I know it’s the season for it and there are just a LOT of deer here but it makes me feel a little special every time☺️

selfie, eye contact 

capitalism got me fucked up, work/school (—) 

money woes 

anxiety (—-) goddess stuff 

Time for everyone’s favourite game: anxiety ooorrrrrr intuition!!!!!! *airhorn noises*

re: met gala (kind of), queer discourse. don't @ me 

re: met gala (kind of), queer discourse. don't @ me 

weddin stuff, personal 

fish tank, animal abuse?? 

fish tank, animal abuse?? 

fuck capitalism I wanna be a cottage woman 

i been feelin a Way abt some shit (-) 

personal, hey guys what’s up 

animal bone ment 

personal, shitty friends 

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