@ all u witchies i just had a moment with my neighbours cat i think she's my familiar now

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Dog park was an ice field today but the little monster still found friends and had a blast!

This is my favorite weather.

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i came out to my cousin as a witch today! we were at this store and i saw some tarot cards and a wiccan handbook (of which i bought neither) and i explained how i'm an ecclectic witch but i mainly practice using aspects of necromancy and astronomy and she seemed pretty cool with it! i ended up buying a little planchette pin though :_witchsmile:

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I'm trying out this mastodon thing and don't quite know how it works. But, all social networks likes puppies don't they? So, here's Cafall. He loves you all already.

also, i have a lot of old bones i have collected and i retrieved the back part of a sheep jawbone from my altar today and after having a sudden urge to do so, i removed the smallest of the two. the tooth did break into three parts and got on me and i was wondering if that was a bad omen. it seemed pretty bad and i'm quite concerned but for the meantime i'm going to keep the tooth and rest of the jaw separate

so uh, first of all i bought a new rose quartze stone for my altar! its a little too cut for my liking compared to my three original rough stones but its still pretty nice and it is attached to a Celtic trinity knot which represents my religious background even though i don't practice which is pretty sweet!

i just realized my candle collection has the beginnings of an altar and it was completely accidental...😂 i was wondering what the properties of jade/greenstone were? i want to add a piece i have but i don't know what the energy it holds is yet oops

hey y'all i dyed my hair blue and it was kinda weird but now i feel way more connected to the sky and wind elements so ig thats a good thing lol

today at work i sold a woman a necklace with an amethyst crystal set in gold. i hope it brings her protection, as she seemed really keen on wearing it as soon as she saw it and didn't take it off once she'd put it on

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So, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of people on here so I’m gonna share a link for my lgbtqia+ discord server. We’re witch friendly (obviously) and a positivity only zone! No discourse is allowed.

i was at a craft market yesterday and there was a stall with indian meditation bowls and crystal pendants and i've never felt so tempted in my life

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hey i'm rat, and i'm pretty new to witchcraft. eclectic witch and i'm interested in necromancy, astronomy, crystals and ancestry magic <3

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