Altar organization! 

My girl got a haircut and she's so cute :_catblob: I love her pudgy tummy and she is so much happier ๐Ÿ’ž had to share!

Vampire: the Masquerade #VtM 

Gambling, selfie! + 

sometimes self care is actually cleaning your house and doing your homework and paying your bills. sometimes self care is doing normal everyday activities that you never do because of your mental state.

Polish-American traditions + 

It's time to...

Make the yuletide gay.


There seems to be confusion on tumblr about what Veiรฐistafur is a stave for. Itโ€™s /not/ a water stave. Itโ€™s an Icelandic stave you carve during a blรณt(with a lot of bloody offerings) to get good luck while fishing.

ugh why tf am i human being and not a house cat just chilling and being cute 24/7.

If you want to find me at any type of social gathering ill be the one petting the dog

Charm for Heartbreak 

Personal, little sister is so cute + 

Harry Potter ~ 

Spirit work ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sand's sarcasm 

Personal ~, lactose intolerance lol 

Chaos is not evil. Chaos is a protest shouting to be treated right. Chaos is a child who is bullied for being different, but keeps on being different. Chaos is someone being queer, being trans, being neurodivergent, and being happy. Chaos is the small moments of rebellion when order is trying to keep you quiet

Darkness is not evil. Darkness lets you rest. Darkness lets you see the stars. Darkness enhances your senses, allows you to notice sounds and smells you would otherwise overlook. The darkness may hide the monsters, but it also hides you

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