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So close to having 100 pages in my grimoire! Planning on tackling my unfinished section on magickal theory next and I'm so excited~

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Honestly what's the point of living if u dont experiment with some spoopy creppy stuff in your life 🤷‍♀️

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Today is actually matronalia which is the celebration of the goddess Juno, mothers, women and motherhood. So today is a day if you wanna pray for fertility and such. Or womanhood, mother figures and mothers you look up to

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if sleep is for the weak, i am very, very weak.

Mmm shadow work is such a weird territory... it's good but I feel the need to do some very deep cleansing on everything and it's also just not always the most pleasant thing to do

I really don't want to go to school but I need... a degree

Nothing more satisfying than filling out another page of my grimoire! 😄

Hello! I go by Silvestia. I'm very interested in spirit work, and I do a bit of stichomancy, tarot, and pendulum readings, and I also make sigils. As of now my practice is secular.
On the less-witchy side of things, I write stories and poems. I'm in college at the moment and majoring in English.
I'm excited, I've never really had the courage to reach out to other practitioners and I'm relatively new to this path (though I've long been interested), so I know I have a lot to learn.

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