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Sup ya'll I'm Liz, I'm 20
They/Them lesbian
I'm mostly just angry and own a lot of candles lmao

whoever out lectures at 8:30 should be shot on site

Me, a fool: It's hot, there aren't any clouds, I don't need to check the weather. I'm gonna do my washing.
Thunderclouds rolling in 10mins after I'm done: Lmao, bitch u thought

The concept of identity is wack and all forms that require evidence for you to do stuff is bad

Guess who got a new Place! Woo! can't wait to actually live there

love when profs tell you to use really terrible sites to find your sources. Like, I get it! Use the uni library website! But, consider, it SUCKS! It's terrible to navigate and you know it's 3am and I'm not going to the actual library!!

A bit of transgender humor 

I'm stuck in this bizarre situation of knowing I want SomeThing! but not knowing what it is 🙄

*trying to become cool and with it and impress laser and max by tabbing over to wikipedia* yeah, i love indie rock... i love *squints* Works Cited and See Also

I havent been on here quite as much lately and you might think Im being productive but Im actually just budgeting more time in my schedule for wistfully staring out of my window

Writing the synopsis for a story is way worse than writing the story

Whenever I sit down and say I'm gonna edit, I absolutely never do it....

Listening to a girl singing a love song: I'mma assume this is about a girl

some of you have never been scratched by a hippogriff, only to cry that it's killed you, and it shows :/

paranoia kinda (I think, it's "matrix glitch" kinda stuff so) 

I have never, in my life, been funny and I detest the suggestion that I think I am.

to be fair to myself, I still read the things, I just read the first sentence, guess what everything else will say and I'm right 9/10 times bc They Aint Know How To Write New Shit And We Been Knew

"you need to read leftist theory!!!"

imma be real w/you, I will the Second that shit doesnt make me want to fall asleep... they all just repeat the same shit
it's like all academic writing but with good points

I'm never going to not do a spell again 😭😭 I wasn't going to do a spell to convince the landlord to keep his house bc I thought it wouldn't sell 😭😭😭 but someone is buying it

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