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an introduction: my name is andres, bi if it matters. secular witch. i believe witchcraft is personal in the sense that everybody carries a different experience, "what works for you may not work for everyone". Im a chill guy, pretty easy to get along with, just dont be a dick. I came here seeking knowledge and community. always looking to learn something new.

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I dont usually buy anything that's marketed as 'witchy' but these were too cool to pass up

Brujeria tip: put a pair of open scissors under your mattress so you wont be bothered in your sleep

serious question: how do you obtain graveyard dirt without being disrespectful?

witch tip: never promise what you cannot provide.

Don't make offerings and sacrifices if you aren't 100% sure you can follow through

every time i offer my family an herbal remedy I can always hear my sister whisper "witchcraft" in the back 😂

Im curious, any other witches out there smoke weed? do you ever use it in your practice?

an important rule about witchcraft nobody tells you: have realistic expectations.

monthly rituals. to be done on the three days of the the full moon. to cleanse and protect .

Cleaned my room and my altar. prepping for a cleansing spell. :_candleb: :_cauldron:

School takes up so much of my time and energy, that I haven't done any witchcraft since i started. looking forward to dedicating some time this weekend before the full moon on Monday

Kitty spilled coffee all over my tarot deck

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