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If there was any moment to turn into a werewolf, it'd be right now during this eclipse :_wolfmoon:

a video on dogs in ancient rome and there is a list of common names ppl used to name their dogs

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me at my family: do you understand how important this moon is??? πŸ™ƒ

Tonight's moon:
:pentagram: Will give you lycanthropy
:pentagram: Has the official approval of Shadow the Hedgehog
:pentagram: V. spooky & cool
:pentagram: Probably queer
:pentagram: Will make all your spells pop severely

gender reveal party. i play you 6 minutes of static projected onto a large white sheet then look at you expectantly

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the millennial dream is a living wage and never having to see or speak to your extended family ever again

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for the afternoon crowd

Witchcraft Cafe discord is up for chats that would go better in real time. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see. I'm thinking of adding a divination channel where people can do daily draws and request readings. Maybe one to request prayers? I'm open to ideas.

Mostly just wanted a place to hang out with y'all on holidays and the full moon and such.

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