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I currently have a goal set up on Patreon specifically for money for a new laptop! I have to do all of my work for both my online shop(which includes printing labels) and my patreon at the library until I can get a new laptop! Please share to spread the word around. 💕 We did a poll on patreon on how to update the tiers and people chose monthly care kits and tarot readings. :_cards:

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💚It's not your fault for someone's inability to see your worth.💚

I’m trying my hand at making incense!💖

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new server hosting, also thanks to everyone who’s donated recently 💖 Show more

The name of a porno I’m making Show more

I swear every time I end up back on tumblr I just get so mad every day

Politics(aka me screaming about white males) Show more

Politics Show more

Hello anxiety my old friend. 🎶 🎵

Cis-White guy: hi UwU
Me: how can I help you?
Same guy: maybe ;)

????????????????? What mate ????

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Friend application!

Name: Shadow
Age: 27

Crystals, Gaming, Writing & Art (vague but I do a lot of different mediums)

Three personality traits: (I let my bestie fill this out)
Sassy, Funny & Knowledgable

*this is just for fun. I wanna meet new folks!* make sure to @fair_y or reply to her original post. Go and and copy paste if you wanna meet others too!
@fair_y ty for this!!❤️

We straight up don’t talk about our flaws enough. Every time I open up a discussion about personal growth no one will discuss flaws which is vital to growing out of them. Saying you have anxiety, insecurities - that is not a flaw. That is something everything human faces.

For example; I get LIVID when people correct me on shit I know I’m right. Someone added on a post of mine this morning “It’s Jhöl not Jöl” and I literally spelled it Jhöl so I just had to get mad. Like that’s a flaw.

Found an old notebook form Middle School. That internalized misogyny runs deeps 🙄 Thank the gods I grew out of this mindset

A sneak peak at a DIY article on patreon posted today! ✨ December's moon magic post is up and everything else will be up shortly to follow.

All tarot readings will be going out today and "Ivy" tier care packages will be going out tomorrow. You have until the 15th to subscribe to still receive the bonuses!

Every once in a while I remember the next season of BNHA is going to have best girl and Mirio and I just stop crying on impact

this arc is really gonna take me for a riiiide

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I implied I would make an , so here I am.

I'm Kyra, I'm a PC Pagan for the gods of Arcanum, and a sort-of-henotheist on top of that (that label will change as available words develop).

Primarily, I work with invocation through songs that hit some core of me, and through poetic verse. Sometimes I make charms with tiny envelopes and wax seals.


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And since apparently introductions are a real Thing here: I’m Vessel, 30+, she/her, newish to witchcraft, definitely new to this platform, mostly focused on ancestor veneration. I really like cats, crystals and pictures of other witches’ altars.

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If we're all doing , My name's Pepin and I run an aesthetic blog on Tumblr (radiant--shadows) that sometimes queues. I also have like two other sideblogs, so feel free to give me a follow if you want to, I don't really post witchy shit on tumblr so I'll probably do it here. Nice to meet everybody!

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