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I currently have a goal set up on Patreon specifically for money for a new laptop! I have to do all of my work for both my online shop(which includes printing labels) and my patreon at the library until I can get a new laptop! Please share to spread the word around. 💕 We did a poll on patreon on how to update the tiers and people chose monthly care kits and tarot readings. :_cards:

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💚It's not your fault for someone's inability to see your worth.💚

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so here's a pic of my cat lost in metaphysical thoughts

Handling my recent stress with Stardew Valley and beer. 👾🍻

If anyone wants to follow my new blog(since tumblr deleted my last one) it’s until I can get my original blog back or at least my blog name 🧡

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I'm so in love with the art style, the moons, the cat theme, and all the pink! I felt affection for this deck as soon as I saw the box. I have a good feeling about her!
for anyone wondering it's the lovely omens tarot deck! :_catblob:

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i was talking with @idleDreams a few days ago, and with the server anniversary coming up (in may), we thought it’d be fun to have some small giveaways offered by members here for one another to enter. they mentioned wanting to raffle some more tarot bags they’ve made, and anyone else would be welcome to make and add their own items to a raffle. we could have different winners for as many items as are offered, and holding it in may gives ppl a few months to prepare. thoughts?

I want to get Heimdallr’s aett tattooed on my right hand. :_runes:

I really can’t stop crying. It’s so unfair, years of work just taken from me 🤷‍♀️ they’ve emailed back other people about my blog but not me... why..

They deleted me... without any warning or email.. I’m just fone

I can’t stop crying it’s my life’s work

Tumblr just deleted my blog for no reason.. 30k followers and my life’s work gone../

She’s so cute and tiny plus she’s v smart and opinIonated and like a good person did I mention how cute she was SHES SOOOO CUTR

I’m drunk with cute mortician girl pls help

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"Morally, there has been no change at all, and a moral change is the only real one."

~James Baldwin

Cute mortician girl had to take her dog to the vet so we rescheduled for tomorrow! Send her pupper happy healing vibes pls! 💕 He’s been getting sick the past couple days.

Count down: Six hours till margarita date with cute mortician girl ⚰️🥰

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