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Hello Witchcraft.Cafe! I am Wolfen a Bi queer anarchist from Quebec! I decided to move from the main instance to something more in my style. I'm interested in the occult and stuff around chaos magick though I keep that in the closet from my friends as just an "aesthetic stuff"! I'm also a programmer and a wannabe linguist, a big fan of sci-fi and video games.

I hope to have a good time here and to meet cool people ^^

Okay people, you can follow my new account @wolfen ! I'll be closing this account in a week or so. I hope to see you there :D

Alright moving to, I enjoyed my time on but I think sunbeam might be a better place for me and what I like. I'll leave this account opened for a week while I'm making the transition ^^. I love you folks!

I don't want to keep jumping from one instance to another but also :/

Just beaten the last boss of Dead Cells. Thank you motion twin for such an amazing game! You guys make good stuff

I'm going to plant so much stuff this summer

It's 20$ for one ticket to Montreal, that's twice the price of one bus ticket which is already a steal because in Mtl and Longueuil you pay 3$ to go anywhere.

Please let us have a good train system. We have a train station here and the only company available is Via Rail which costs a fortune

I had a dream that I was fleeing France in the 1900's and ended up in Russia. I came face to face with Lenin and he started talking about his ideas and stuff. I was so afraid he'd kill me that I faked being interested and he was like "wow you're a great listener, come to Saint-Petersbourg with me my friend!". So I became is unwilling best friend and Trotsky was all jealous and accused me of trying to steal Vlad's heart from him.

I just listened to the song and the lyrics are not that hard to understand 😂 also why are Red Hot Chili Pepper always shirtless?

Spini wawa shibi na fo laly kawi nanalom poposho By the way I'm trying to say anedae...WAITING FOOOOR *sick bass guitar starts playing*

Something that I find amusing to think about :

You meet this being made of pure chaos. A maelstrom of emotions, matter and voices that fills your head with visions of eons past. As your mind is on the verge of becoming one with this creature, in a short breathe you ask: who are you?

A moment of silence past before a booming voice comes rumbling from the very essence of the univers and replies : "Richard"

Why do you say schedule weird, Patrick? Why do you do this?

You wanna make a Dr Who episode? Easy! Take something and make it an alien! Vampires? Aliens! The ghost of Christmas past? Aliens! Depression? Aliens! The prime Minister? Actually human... CONTROLLED BY ALIENS!

Hello, I'm really not used to doing this but I need help. I had two car accidents in the past weeks and now I'm super low on money. I need to pay rent, food and gas to go work. So if you have anything to help or even just boost this I would really appreciate. My paypal is

Thank you very much

"This teacher's students said communism is good so he gave them all 60% on their test and then said 'that's communism' and everyone thought it was unfair so this proves communism wrong"

-The same guy who said Sigmund Freud made capitalism in the 90's

This coworker dude becomes more and more interesting in the weird stuff he says

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