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Code of Conduct

• This server is safe for work and open to minors. Mild NSFW (nonsexual nudity) is allowed ONLY under a content warning. Blatantly pornographic content is prohibited and will result in account deletion. Failure to tag nudity on multiple occasions will also result in disciplinary action.

• Gore is allowed ONLY under a content warning and must also be marked NSFW. Snuff content (real life mutilated human corpses, etc.) is prohibited and will result in account deletion. Animal decomposition involved with taxidermy is fine so long as it's under a content warning.

• This server is LGBT+ inclusive. Hate speech and harassment toward individuals or groups as a whole will result in account deletion (this includes TERF discourse).

• This server is strictly anti-Nazi. Propaganda of any kind, white supremacist discourse, and general racism will result in account deletion.

• General harassment is subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of moderation. If you have an issue with another user's actions, please block and report them.

• Basically, just don't be an asshole. Respect others' identities and beliefs, and don't start unnecessary drama.

• Users on other instances (or instances as a whole) that violate our CoC will not be tolerated and will be immediately suspended from federating with our instance. As interaction with other instances is not our focus (but is welcome), these violations will be treated more severely than those committed by users on our own instance.

• Promoting your personal Discord, Tumblr, Etsy, etc. is allowed. Just please don't spam the local timeline or your account will be temporarily silenced from the public feed.

• Be mindful of what you post to the local timeline, as the feed is visible to everyone on the server, not just the people who follow you. Discussion of sensitive topics (suicide, abuse, rape, politics, eating disorders, mental health issues, general venting & civilized discourse, etc.) is welcome in the public timeline as long as the posts are properly tagged so those who do not wish to engage in such topics can avoid them. If you do not wish to place a post behind a content warning that should be, you are free to post it as unlisted so it won't appear in the local timeline but will still be visible to those who follow you (this may end with more people blocking you than reading your future posts, but it's your choice nonetheless). If you are reported multiple times for posting untagged sensitive content into the local timeline, your account will be silenced from the public feed.

• These rules are subject to change at my discretion.

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