New Users Guide

• After joining, it's common practice to post an #introduction so other users can learn a bit about you and engage in discussion if they share your interests. This, of course, isn't required.

• Pin the local timeline to your desktop homepage if you want to see posts from all active users on the instance. This makes finding new people to chat with and follow much easier.

• There are various mobile apps available for Mastodon on both Android and iOS. Simply searching for Mastodon on the Apple/Google store should display which apps are available for you to download.

• If you ever find yourself unable to access the instance, go to to be redirected to a page that displays our server information. Our server is hosted and managed by, so any outages will be taken care of by them. They are located in Portugal, meaning time zone differences may cause the server to be down for an extended period.
Witchcraft Café

Witchcraft Café is a public Mastodon instance open to anyone with an interest in the occult and desire to become part of a friendly online community.

Please read our short Code of Conduct before registering, and consider supporting our server by donating to our Patreon or Ko-fi.