@PanariiKyra: It is time to strip christmas of it's jesusy trappings. It is time to bring back customs like going to the lord of the manor and harrassing him for alms or alcohol or food. ODIN WILL BE YOUR JUDGE. We'll worship trees and scream at the moon.

Me: can I worship the moon and scream at trees? Asking for a friend.


@Selkie Yes.

Additionally, seeing this rant out of its original setting definitely makes me look slightly less hinged than I usually think of myself... i wonder if that's the moon-screaming thing or just me in general...

@PanariiKyra I think it sounded worse in context but the ODIN WILL BE YOUR JUDGE was definitely not helping.

I cackled though.

@Selkie well, you see, in my defense... Santa was likely influenced by odin...

I'm glad you laughed, though!

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