also sorry i’m kinda mia rn. been going hard on my thesis every day and then screwing around in a new minecraft world with trevor lmao. i’m living in the side of a massive modded snow mountain overlooking a frozen pine forest and there’s a wild llama army surrounding me. i also added a ton of gemstone mods, and now i’m hoarding all the colorful rocks like a dragon. the rose quartz is even heart-shaped!

Okay, I haven't played Minecraft in forever... They added llamas and rose quartz?

And good luck with your thesis!

@idleDreams @lyrium omfg I wanna make a rose quartz house. I wish we could all have a minecraft server together

@Animalmagic @idleDreams oh the rose quartz is from a mod, but the llamas are vanilla! there's a ton of new underwater stuff too! also we're playing on easy, so just one step over peaceful. i don't like getting fucked by skeletons all the time lmao. i can get the stuff together if you guys want to join sometime tho! it's just a folder of mods and then everything runs like normal.

@lyrium @idleDreams i have a pirated version of minecraft lmao. ive gotta figure out how to join servers again

I've gotta re-download and figure out my password again lol but I'm down

And the skeletons are exactly the reason why I only play on easy or creative lol

@idleDreams @Animalmagic awesome! i'll get you the mods with a quick text file that tells you how to install everything tomorrow. trevor's been having to mess with it trying to get it working for his best friend on a damn mac lmao.
and i played on a pirated version for years before i finally paid for it so i could get on servers a play mini games

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